We pride ourselves on the ability to provide the highest level of service to our clients while still keeping in mind the uniqueness of their personal style and desires.


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Wedding Table Decor Ideas from a Georgia Wedding Planner

Today we are talking about one of our favorite wedding planning tasks: DESIGNING YOUR WEDDING TABLE DECOR IDEAS. We know it’s one of your favorites too, because it is for almost all of the couples we work with. if we haven’t officially met yet, welcome to the Borrowed and Blue blog. We are a team of wedding planners in Georgia and North Carolina passionate about helping you plan a unique and memorable weddings that reflect who YOU are as a couple. If that sounds like what you need (and trust us – we make the process ENJOYABLE), make sure to check out our wedding planning packages here or contact us here to get started right away.

Today, we have taken our 9 years of wedding planning experience and collected a few wedding table decor ideas and some of our best design tips to help you plan a wedding that is not only beautiful, it’s well executed too! That’s kind of our specialty over here! Whether you are dreaming of a classic white & greenery color palette or something bright and cheerful (read more about choosing your wedding day colors here), we would love to hear more about your wedding day vision.

Centerpiece Ideas

We have a few pieces of advice when it comes to centrepieces so take out your notepad (kidding!). First, throw away the piece of advice that says you can use bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces. It’s underwhelming at best and awkward at the worst. The sizes aren’t right, the florals look weathered by the reception, it’s just not a good look. If you really want to reuse them as reception decor, consider something less important like the buffet table. Or, add them to the guest tables as an addition to an already stunning centerpiece and not as a stand alone.

Next, consider how your guests will interact with your centerpieces. Yes, tall centerpieces are GORGEOUS (and jaw dropping), but will guests be able to see and talk to the person across from the table? I hope so! For lower centerpieces (like those trendy greenery vines that are all the rage), will it be so overwhelming that the florals you chose are all over the guests plates and they are pushing them out of the way during dinner? Remember, design is only as good as the ones enjoying it!

Ask your florist about scent as well. You might love a certain flower but does it have an overly perfume-like smell that might cause your guests discomfort? Remember, you hire these experts for a reason so don’t be afraid to ask for advice and listen to the answer!

Wedding Linens

Now let’s talk about linens (yes, when we design a table we think of EVERYTHING). Tablecloths are often one of the most overlooked element. Your venue might include classic white or black tablecloths, but upgrading your linens gets you a huge return for every design dollar spent. Renting tablecloths is often relatively affordable and they take up more visual space than any other wedding rental. You can choose a bold pattern (like the striped tablecloths below!) or choose something softer and more understated with cheesecloth table runners for a more whimsical look.

Style your Wedding Napkins

We live in a world where people think that more is automatically better. It’s not. When it comes to designing your wedding table decor, don’t forget to make what’s already there work harder for you! Let me tell you, there are sooooo many ways to fold a napkin. One of the most popular ways is the “tri-fold” which basically looks like a tent and can work with more simple designs to give it a 3-dimensional element. Let me tell you though: THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. You can choose to have your wedding napkins take up a lot of space, or a little, just be intentional about how it fits in the overall look!

Should your Upgrade Your Wedding Chairs?

Let me just say this nice and loud for the people in the back: YES. If you are wondering why your wedding decor doesn’t look like those dreamy photos you’ve save on Pinterest, there’s a good chance you kept those ugly white garden chairs. Find the room in your budget! Or, book one of the incredible venues that include upgrades chairs (you can check out some of our favorite Georgia wedding venues here).

Don’t believe me? The below pics are similar in color palette (white, green and gold), both have tall centerpieces and have relatively simple tablescapes.

Don’t forget the place cards!

We get it – not everyone uses place cards anymore. But using them will make your guests really feel like you went the extra mile, and were thoughtful with each and every invitations. As a bonus, there are plenty of unique place card ideas that can double as wedding favors. Trust me, this little detail is more appreciated than you know!

Focus on your wedding guests experience!

Remember, the decor is only as beautiful as the ones appreciating it. We have given a few tips here but the last note we want to leave you with is that keeping your guests front and center will help you navigate your options (and avoid making mistakes!). At the end of the day, your guest is spending between 1.5-3 hours at their wedding table. This is definitely an area worth splurging on, but be thoughtful about it and make it count!

If you would rather just do the “fun wedding planning tasks” and hand over the harder logistics heavy pieces of wedding planning, we would love to chat! It’s not ALL fun and games, but we will make it seem that way! If you are planning a wedding in Georgia, North Carolina, or beyond, let’s connect!

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We pride ourselves on the ability to provide the highest level of service to our clients while still keeping in mind the uniqueness of their personal style and desires.