We pride ourselves on the ability to provide the highest level of service to our clients while still keeping in mind the uniqueness of their personal style and desires.


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Choosing your Wedding Colors (+ making them your own)

Gone are the days of boring wedding colors! When it comes to choosing your wedding colors, couples are no longer choosing 1-2 colors and using them in as many places as possible.

As wedding planners and designers, we are so ready to put the idea that you need to stick to one or two colors out to the pasture. At Borrowed and Blue, we believe every wedding we design should be as unique as the couple celebrating it. For real weddings in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, you can also head to our portfolio for fresh wedding inspiration. Below, we are going to share a few of our favorite wedding color palettes to work with, and a few tips to make them unique!

A Classic Wedding Color Palette with White, Greenery, and Pops of Blush

We have seen this color palette time and time again (especially in the last few years) but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the palette in unique and interesting ways. Add in some vintage glassware and some candles and you have a soft, romantic feel. Or, liven up the palette with black chairs for some drama. If you love the classic palette but want to make your wedding feel a bit more modern, geometric shapes and tall centrepieces will add some edginess to the otherwise traditional palette!

Tropical Summer Wedding Colors

When choosing your wedding florals (and colors), we always recommend couples look at what’s in season! For fall weddings, we see more oranges and burgundy. In the spring, we see pastels and greenery. In the summer, when we have the most options available to us, why not choose a bright and cheerful tropical color palette? Greenery doesn’t always need to sit on a vine, it can be fun to play with large palm leaves or other unique greenery ideas (like the below leafy napkins).

Black and White Wedding Palettes

Have you ever been invited to a wedding with a strict dress code? Lately, we have been loving “black and white” weddings – both in wedding design and dress code. You can use black and white in a striking way (like with the below striped table cloths) or soften them up with patterns (like marble chargers). When using only two colors, don’t underestimate the difference materials and fabrics can make. Silk tablecloths can feel high end and formal whereas velvet touches can feel luxurious and comfortable.

Spring wedding colors: pastel, lilac, yellow

Every year, Pantone chooses a color of the year and in 2021, they chose Illuminating Yellow as one of the (two) Colors of the Year. What we love most about working with yellow, is that it’s often unexpected at weddings. The more we use it, the more we don’t understand why! It’s cheerful, optimistic, and light. All wonderful things to add to your wedding design! Depending on the tone of yellow, it can be a bright pop of color or a more subtle undertone. If you are looking for a unique spring color palette, skip the pinks and peaches and opt for a yellow and lilac color palette! Or, keep the pinks and peaches and add a pop of yellow anyway. Your spring wedding can (and should!) be full of joy!

Boho Wedding Colors: Earthy Oranges, Wood Grains, and Creams

Who hasn’t fallen a little in love with boho weddings? Boho weddings embrace neutrals in a completely different way. You’ll still see pops of color (usually pinks, oranges, and reds) but they always feel more grounded next to wood grains, brown tones, and mustard yellows. Instead of the traditional greenery, you’ll find more desert florals like succulents and pampass grass.

Choosing your wedding colors for your 2021 or 2022 wedding

Although choosing 1-2 colors to design your wedding is easier to execute, we hope this post has shown you that the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing your wedding colors. Although you can choose one of the above color schemes, you can also mix and match. If you are currently planning a wedding in Georgia, North Carolina or South Carolina, we would love to learn more about your wedding day and help you design something uniquely you. You can learn more about our wedding planning and design packages here, or contact us to get started.

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We pride ourselves on the ability to provide the highest level of service to our clients while still keeping in mind the uniqueness of their personal style and desires.